The Red Head (Poem)

The Red Head

Red is the color of desire
With one touch it can set your body on fire
The red rose is the symbol for love
One kiss from her red lips takes me high above
Her red hair captivates my mind
One swish and I leave reality behind
Her hot love makes me yearn inside
When I’m with her I want her to be my bride
Can she see what she does to me?
Just one smile then I feel like I’m back at sea
Is this the mermaid I dreamed of when I was on the ocean?
Or maybe she’s a witch and I’ve drank her love potion
One look at her face has me captivated
It’s like her entire being has me infatuated.
When I am with her I see only red
As she lets me carry her to my bed
I don’t want this to ever end
Now she takes charge and has me pinned
The red inside heats up the room
All I can smell is her perfume
Her red hair is in my face
I wrap her in my embrace
Not wanting to let her go
As I slip deeper into the water below



What will happen?

Aniesha is having naughty thoughts about three men in her life. Her boyfriend Rick, her new super hot co-worker Miguel, and her long time best friend Alec. Who will she choose, and what will she do with all these desires?

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